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Safety Checklist for Site Amenities

We want our site furnishings to remain safe and enjoyable for our families and community to enjoy. Establishing a care and maintenance plan to ensure our equipment remains compliant and usable is a benefit to you. By creating a regular schedule to address maintenance issues immediately, before they become a problem, you can save time, money and unfortunate accidents. Maintaining quality, dated records and checklists of care, cleaning, and maintenance activity, helps you avoid missing an important step, and can be useful in the event of a warranty or liability claim.

All products should be visually inspected regularly and examined closely on a regular basis. You want to avoid signs of wear and tear or abuse, as this can be a precursor to failure. Remove any item that appears unserviceable right-away so that it doesn’t result in additional damage or injury. Here are some typical wear and tear items to check for:

(Note: Due to the vast variety of products on the market, this is not meant to be an exhaustive list. Please check with your manufacturer for specific instructions for your products.)

• Check and tighten locking pins, bolts, fasteners, screws and components. Do not over tighten

or strip the threads.

• Order and install missing hardware. You may need to take the item out of service until the hardware can be replaced.

• Lubricate all swivels and mechanisms. Take care to prevent lubrication from spreading onto surrounding plastic components, fabric, laminates, and wood materials.

• Repair cracked or broken items such as: seats, fabric, loose rails, feet, joints, welds, etc.

• Sand, smooth or replaced and possibly refinish splintered wood. Refinishing can extend the life of your product exponentially by keeping the moisture in and protecting it from harsh climates.

• Correctly seat columns on their base and then firmly tightened.

• Clean products. Seek the manufacturer's advice for the specific products you should use. Keeping products clean can extend the life and help avoid slippery or dangerous surfaces.

• If the laminate or finish is chipped, contact the manufacturer or your local contact about touch-up paint that can be used to prevent further chipping and corrosion.

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