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Backboards Sizing

"Champions are made when no one else is watching."

Which backboard is right for me? This all-important decision is typically going to be based on the playing area size. The closer you get to a full-sized, high school regulation backboard, at 72” wide, the more realistic, game-like play you will have.

Deciding to purchase a basketball goal based on playing area size is important because the overhang of your premium basketball goal can reach as far as 5 feet into the driveway! This can make it nearly impossible to drive a car past the basketball goal if it were lowered below 8’ (depending on your vehicle). Therefore, we recommend an overhang of no more than 4’, backboard to post.

You will also want to look for 54″ or 60″ size boards with 3/8″ thick glass and 72″ boards with 1/2″ glass for gym-correct rebound. 3/8″ glass on a 54″ or 60″ backboard provides the same rebound as a regulation 72″ backboard made of 1/2″ glass but has the advantage of being lighter and making it easier to adjust the rim height for your little ones.

Finally, your child’s skill level plays a part in selecting a backboard size. For recreational players, a smaller backboard will work wonderfully and create many days of outdoor fun. For players wishing to play in high school and/or college, many people like to purchase the standard 72” backboard to closely reproduce those playing conditions.

You want to get the largest basketball backboard that you can fit within your budget and space. The larger your backboard, the closer it will feel like an NBA quality basketball hoop; bringing your child closer to sinking that downtown three… and the crowd goes wild!

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