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  • Experience eight unique cardio intervals with optional handle bar.
    DVD Run-Time: 26 minutes
    Starring: Kara and Michelle

    Cardio Intervals With Optional Handle Bar DVD

    This video teaches you different arm and foot movements you can do while experiencing a great cardio workout on the JumpSport Fitness Trampoline. At the same time, you will be bouncing on a low-impact surface that are very easy on your joints. The handle bar is used to boost your confidence and promote stability during each of the cardio intervals. The workout will quickly get your cardio up to a high level in minutes. After a short warm-up, Michelle and Kara demonstrate the movements. Then, they guide you through eight different cardio intervals of vigorous arm and foot movements. Each of the eight intervals consists of 1 minute of cardio followed by a 20 second active recovery rest period. You will keep bouncing during the entire workout. And, when finished, you will be encouraged to repeat the workout 2-3 times.

Fitness Trampoline - Cardio Intervals Workout

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